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The first time I heard about NFTs was in 2017 when I learnt about Bitcoin and researched the blockchain space. I came across the CryptoKittens video game; it was the first NFT developed on the Ethereum blockchain network, the game allowed players to buy, collect and breed unique virtual cats. I tried to play the game, and as you can imagine, this only worsened my confusion. I didn’t understand why I had to pay real money in the form of some Ethereum tokens to buy a kitten and “breed” it to create other unique kittens? I recently discovered the most…

President Muhammed Buhari, President of Nigeria and Mr Joe Kaeser, Global CEO of Siemens in Abuja.

The Nigerian Government, on the 22nd of July 2019, signed a deal with Siemens to upgrade Nigeria’s electricity generation and distribution by 2025. The deal aims to almost double the Country’s electricity generation capacity from 13,000MW to 25,000MW.

In a meeting chaired by President Mohammed Buhari and with Joe Kaser, the global CEO of Siemens in attendance, the deal called ‘Nigeria’s Electricity Roadmap’ was signed by the Director-General of the Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE) Mr Alex Okoh. In his speech at the meeting, the president stated that the deal will be executed in three phases defined by electricity generation…

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“How do you have economic growth without power? No power; no growth because without power there can’t be growth. “Egypt increased its electricity by 10 gigawatts, which is equivalent to 10,000 megawatts in 18 months.

“In Nigeria, we have been struggling for 18 years without adding 1,000 megawatts and we have spent about three times above Egypt, why?

“So, I think we all need to be concerned about that.” — Aliko Dangote, 8th June 2019.

Nigerians lack steady electricity supply and this is a fact. What this Article aims to explore are the reasons for this fact and possible solutions.

I am still fully committed to my quest to simplify the workings of the Nigerian power sector. Although, I will be the first to admit my own inconsistency with writing, I promise to do better this year.

The first step on this journey is understanding the market structure. In a previous post which you can find here>>Up NEPA!!’ : But wait, how is this light produced?, you will recall how I broke down the infrastructural value chain of the Electricity sector in Nigeria (If you did not read it before quickly go and do so before we continue!). For those…

We have a duty to not give up hope.

I don’t think we understand the speed at which Nigeria is heading towards settling in the category of one of the World’s ‘failed states’. We won’t even need a civil war to get there, the Government is more than capable of delivering on that mandate. The statistics and reports are there for us to see, the high levels of lawlessness, illiteracy, corruption on every level, lack of primary health care and so on. How can a country in the 21st century function without primary education and healthcare?

We can deceive ourselves all we want that the Nigerian economy is moving…

There is a reason electricity is called power, because its powerful (lol, dry joke, i know, i know). On a serious note though, electricity is the bedrock of any meaningful infrastructural development, modernisation and industrialisation in a society. Electricity is Man’s greatest invention or discovery after fire, which is why learning how the electricity value chain works is pretty important.

Nigeria’s electricity value chain can be viewed or understood from two angles: the infrastructure angle and the institutional angle. …

First things first, i want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to be here, i appreciate this more than you know. This is technically my first publication on medium so please forgive the writing style and structure (if you find it a bit unrefined), its a learning process for me. (you know what i would appreciate more? interaction(s). Please drop your thoughts in the comments box and click the heart button when you are done with the write up)

“the problems with the power industry is not physical, the power sector is filled with witches and…

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